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The petropolis of tomorrow, Neeraj Bhatia & Mary Casper, 2013. In recent years, Brazil has discovered vast quantities of petroleum deep within its territorial waters, inciting the construction of a series of cities along its coast and in the ocean.…

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Influence of floods on spatial variability of wetslums using geo-information techniques: A case study of specific human habitat in Korail, Dhaka

Written by: Koen Olthuis, Kasirajan Mahalingam, Pierre-Baptiste Tartas and Chris Zevenbergen.   Abstract A previous study by the authors found that most slum physical upgrading projects traditionally focus on basic services, elaborated with citywide data, without addressing locational and environmental…

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Urban Water Laboratory
Generaal Berenschotlaan 211
2283 JM Rijswijk
The Netherlands


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